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I'm a Program Manager at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, with over a decade of experience in open source program and project management. I like spreadsheets, budgets and checklists, and in my spare time I'm a part-time law student at Mitchell Hamline School of Law.

Previously, I was at Red Hat as a community lead in their Open Source Program Office. Before that, I was at Acquia building out a Customer Success program for new customers.

I've written and presented on project management since 2009. I still like it.


Or really just overheard's from people I work with.

"Have I ever mentioned that "amyescavarda" sounds like a harry potter spell. It would cause nimrods to suddenly know what the f they're supposed to be doing."

"These clients are Hobbits. You are a Ranger and you have just led them through the wilderness."

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